The beginning

The first time i stepped behind my mothers sewing machine i was 9 years old and fan of the band Kiss, i wanted to have the same trouser as the singer. So i decided to take some old white sheets and piece of black velvet fabric and started to make my first trouser ending up not knowing where the front or the back was. This was the trigger and i wanted to figure out how to make it good. Years later i start to study tailoring and Fashion, after my studies i stopped making clothes and went back to my other passion the violoncello. After making music, traveling around the world and working in the psychiatry i was 29 years when my grand mother died. She left a sewing machine behind witch was standing on my kitchen table for two weeks. Because i wanted to buy some new clothes but did not find anything i liked i crossed the market and bought my self some fabric and i never stopped sewing since.

1 year later i started my first little atelier in the city of Leiden in the Netherlands.

eppo designatelier